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Terms and Conditions


  • Tickets are non-transferable.
  • Tickets are non-refundable, unless otherwise specified.
  • Flight coupons will be honored only in the order in which they are issued.
  • When making date/flight, reroute, or other changes to a ticket, any applicable difference in fare (greater than $0) will be charged to the customer in addition to any applicable change fee. Refund or credit will not be provided if a flight change is made and the applicable new fare is less than the original fare paid.
  • Fares and rules are subject to change at any time without notice.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

The following text is informational and not validated for autopricing.
Normal fares within the western hemisphere application area these fares apply within area 1.


These fares apply for first/business/economy class service.


Fares governed by this rule can be used to create one-way/round-trip/circle-trip/open-jaw journeys.
For the portion of travel within/between the continental u.s./Canada/hawaii/puerto rico/virgin islands on aa included in the through published business/executive class fare passengers will be accomodated subject to the availability of space in the first class section of an aircraft not having a business/executive class compartment.


The carrier shall limit the number of passengers carried on any one flight at fares governed by this rule and such fares will not necessarily be available on all flights. The number of seats, which the carrier shall make available on a given flight, will be determined by the carrier's best judgement. Not applicable to s.f.f.l. Fares.


For the portion of travel within/between the continental u.s./Canada/hawaii/puerto rico/virgin islands on aa included in the through published business/executive class fare passengers will be accomodated subject to the availability of space in the first class section of an aircraft not having a business/executive class compartment.


When reservations are made at least 30 days before departure, ticketing must be completed within 21 days after reservations are made. Reservations booked 3 days or less prior to departure must be ticketed within 24 hours. Reservations booked 24 hours or less prior to departure must be ticketed within 3 hours.


When reservations are made at least 30 days before departure, ticketing must be completed within 3 days after reservations are made. Reservations booked 3 days or less prior to departure must be ticketed within 24 hours. Reservations booked 24 hours or less prior to departure must be ticketed within 3 hours.
Surcharges do not apply to infant passengers not occupying a seat. The surcharge applies in addition to all other charges and is not subject to any discount. The surcharge will not apply to passengers traveling on free tickets.
Ots/passengers occupying two seats . Id required - charge 100 percent of the fare. Fares apply to a passenger permitted the exclusive use of two adjacent seats. Src/senior citizen psgr 65 or older. Id required Senior citizen discount does not apply.

Intermediation in the reserve or location of services in any means of transport, and/or brokerage in hiring hotel services, tours, transfers, cruises, shows, and/or any other related service to tourism, either in the country or abroad, conducted by Vision Travel, hereinafter the Company, on the one hand, on order and as ordered by the applicant or contractor services, the passenger shall be governed by the conditions detailed below.


  • The Company expressly states its acting in the exclusive intermediary in booking or hiring various tourism services and their liability shall be determined solely in that capacity under the provisions of the International Convention Relating to Travel Contract approved by law 19.918.
  • The Company is not responsible for the events that occur by accident or force majeure, climatic phenomena or facts of nature that happen before or during the development of services that prevent, delay or otherwise impede the full implementation or part of the contracted services.
  • The Company is not responsible for schedule changes, postponements and/or cancellations, amenities, equipment used or modified by any other transportation companies.
  • In no event shall the Company be liable to Passengers for consequential damages or lost profit claimed by them while not treating facts which the officers, employees or officials of the company have not been involved in them.-
  • The Company shall not be responsible for non-delivery of the General Conditions of Contract Travel Services relevant to other companies involved in the contracting chain whenever it is not properly demanded in writing by the passenger.
  • The passenger is solely responsible for presenting himself to the airline, with enough time to review (both the airline and the competent authorities) a ticket and documents that accredit him as a traveler.
  • Failure to show up at the place, date and time of the trip may result in the total loss of the ticket in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated by each airline.
  • Have at hand copy of the current passport of each passenger before making the reservation as the responsibility for any error in names or data of the passenger will be assumed only by the person making the reservation. The airlines do not allow name changes and, as permitted or authorized, Vision Travel does not carry out this procedure.
  • The minimum time to request changes in the reservation is 72 business hours


  • The estimated price at the time of requesting services is subject to availability and modifications without prior notice. - When there is an alteration in the same and / or changes in their costs and / or the exchange rate applied for reasons not attributable to the parties. The company will not be responsible for the resulting higher costs
  • All amounts paid before the confirmation of the services are received as a reservation.
  • The definitive prices will be fixed from the moment of definitive confirmation of the services that are produced with the issuance of the tickets or service orders, from now on, vouchers, and their invoicing.
  • The payment of the balance of the price must be fulfilled within the term and conditions agreed upon by the parties, otherwise, the Company may cancel the services with prior notice to the passenger, the passenger having no right to any refund.


All those services that are expressly detailed in the travel documentation. Among them,
  • Transportation, as specified in the travel ticket or Electronic Ticket Itinerary or voucher in the case of Non-Regular Flights or Charter;
  • Rent of cars, accommodation, type of room, meal plan, number of passengers, regime of extra meals, excursions, transfers, tickets to shows, etc. as detailed in the respective vouchers. It must be borne in mind that the calculation of the accommodation will be governed by the hours of Check-in and Check-out of each establishment, while the calculation of days for the rental of a car is for compliance with 24 hrs clock.


In the base prices of the contracted services are not included:
  • Everything that is not properly detailed in the voucher, which implies an additional charge to the amount paid at the time of receiving the voucher.
  • Extras, beverages, personal expenses (including washing and ironing clothes, communications, tips, etc.), visas, boarding or airport tax, service tax, VAT and other current and / or future taxes and / or any service or expense that is not expressly indicated in the voucher. 2) The extras of a car rental, such as carrying skis, baby seats, additional driver, gasoline expenses, optional insurance, etc.
  • Expenses for prolongation of the services by voluntary wish of the Passengers as well as the stays, meals and / or additional expenses and / or damages produced by cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of the means of transport or for unforeseen reasons unrelated to the Company and / or derived from causes of force majeure or out of control of the Company.
  • The expenses and interests of operations on credit.


The company reserves the right to abandon a Travel and / or Tour Plan at any point of the same, any passenger whose conduct, manner of action, state of health, or other serious reason that in the company's judgment causes danger or causes inconvenience to the other travelers or may spoil the success of the tour or the normal development of it, or that may cause damage to third parties.


For travel abroad, it is necessary to comply with the legislation in force in each case. It is the responsibility of the passenger to inquire about the requirements that the migratory, customs and sanitary authorities of the destinations require, being the sole responsibility of the passenger to have the personal documentation required by the aforementioned authorities. The Company will not be responsible for any inconvenience suffered by passengers who lack documents under the necessary conditions, either when leaving or entering this or another country. It must be borne in mind that the obtaining of visas in the countries to be visited by the passengers is the exclusive responsibility of the latter, as well as the presentation of the necessary documentation for entry to the countries of destination.- The passenger declares that has informed that it is the responsibility of the airline, maritime or land transport to the country of destination, and that the carrier is the only responsible in the event that entry to these countries is prevented or delayed to the passenger for not having the conditions documentation.


  • In case of withdrawal by the passenger of services firmly contracted by the Company to third parties, the cancellations will be subject to the contractual conditions under which the latter provide their services. In all cases of reimbursement, the agency may retain the price for the expenses incurred plus the commission of ten percent of the services contracted with third parties.
  • The Company is not responsible for the services that were not taken by the passenger in an agreed time and manner, nor for the consequences that result, such as the cancellation of the service by the provider, or for the refund, refund or refund of the service. amount paid for this service.
  • In the case of the return of air tickets, passengers upon request will accept the conditions imposed by the regulations of the airlines in relation to this procedure.


The postponement or advancement of the stipulated dates in each case may be carried out in accordance with the modalities, conditions and availability of the different service providers, with the corresponding penalty applied by the provider and a commission of 10% for modifications and , if applicable, the rate differences for seasonal change, if applicable. The Company is exempt from any responsibility in case of not being able to satisfy the changes requested by the Passenger, applying in that case the provisions of clause G) above ("CANCELLATIONS").


They must be presented within 15 days of the end of the trip, in writing, accompanied by vouchers and supporting documentation and signed by the passenger. After this term no claim will be taken care of. In no case, the Company will pay the possible costs and / or charges and / or taxes and / or charges derived from bank transfers or similar that are used to make any type of return and / or refund and / or refund. 2) In the case of services of regular flights, the conditions are imposed by the carriers with whom the passenger should be directly understood and claim in their case for any inconvenience or damage suffered as a result of the trip. The Company has no control over these conditions and will offer all support within its reach to carry them out.


The Company is not responsible for the deterioration and / or loss and / or theft and / or theft and / or loss of luggage and other personal effects of passengers either for services contracted through the intermediation of the company or taken individually by the passenger. The passenger is recommended to take out travel insurance to cover part of the aforementioned risks.


These general conditions, together with the remaining documentation that is delivered to passengers, make up the Travel Contract. These conditions are delivered by the Company to the passenger at the time of booking the services. The passenger declares to know and accept these general conditions of contract and this acceptance is ratified by means of any of the following acts:
  • The payment of the reservation and / or of the contracted services before the beginning of the trip, by any form or modality
  • The acceptance of the invoice for the contracted services
  • Through the use of any portion of the contracted services. Any advice given by the company regarding any aspect related to the contracted services does not constitute a requirement to be fulfilled by the passenger, except for what is documented by written means relative to laws or any type of rules of the countries of destination, whose content will be indicated in each case in a specific way.